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Services We Provide

highest quality care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at our hospital or in your own home

To learn more about our services please click on the title below.

Seeing all animals
pocket pets, to reptiles,
to horses

All pets can take advantage of home visits
and house run discounts

Fun classes allowing puppies to socialise and learn skills with an accredited trainer

Mare cycle health and help and following through with ultra-sounding pregnancies

Remedial massage as a natural therapy to help treat health problems

Image by Trnava University

In-house professional equipment

Alternative treatment for
arthritis, pain, or aiding in faster healing times

A spa day for your pet!


High quality and knowledgable

Huge range of quality items that you and your pet will love

Specialist designed facility for horses and other livestock


General and Specialised Surgery

All in one convenient location

Assess antibody levels before deciding whether to pursue yearly vaccinations

Katerina and a quoll

No cost to general public.
Wildlife is looked after with the same care as your pets

High quality nutrition for birds, pocket pets, cats and dogs

Using ultrasonic equipment and dental radiography to keep your pets' mouths healthy 

Puppy School
Mare Reproductive
Canine Myofunctional Therapy
Veterinary Diagnostic lab
Cold laser
Radiography and ultrasound
Cat Boarding
General specialised surgery
Titre testing
Wildlife care


In one location all your pets are welcome. We offer consultations by appointment at the hospital and have dedicated consulting rooms specific to your pet's needs. Comfort for you and your pet is so important to us and that is why our dedicated spaces have been designed in a way to minimise some of the stresses that you worry about when you go to the vet.

We have landscape art to give a sense of home, we have towels, mats and blankets in our rooms for your pets' comfort. All the rooms have natural pheromones scented around the hospital.

We supply a variety of treats to welcome your pet*. 

House calls

Can't get transport to the vets?

Find it too stressful for you or your pet to travel?

Have more than one pet to be looked at?

Why not take advantage of our House Call service, where we can come to you in the comfort of your own home. We schedule visits for all animals so not just our large sheep, goats and horses but we understand that sometimes it is easier for your dogs, cats and everything in between as well. This is also a service that is taken up during those sensitive times when you want to be at home and not stress your pet out too.

You can also take advantage of reduced travel cost by putting your name down on our house call runs where we visit multiple households on the one day.

While we take care of most needs for your pet on house calls, some procedures are limited to what we have in our work vehicles and in some cases, it will be advised that a hospital visit is more suitable.

Our regular house Call runs are posted on our Facebook page and you can make an appointment for a house call by calling the hospital and also gain more information if you have any questions.

Normal practice visits can be made through our booking button. 

Puppy School

The ideal time for dogs to learn and build their social skills is while they are young. Puppy school is a valuable tool to help show your puppy the world in a safe location, here inside Somersby Animal Hospital. They get to meet exciting new friends. This will give them the confidence when you just want to take them out for a walk on the beach, have visitors around for dinner, go on to become world champion agility pups and also those times they come and say hello to their friendly veterinary team that keeps them healthy.

We have puppy classes set up here at the Somersby Animal Hospital to build a happy bond with your visits to the vets all with our lovely nurse Brooke.

Mare Reproduction

We can help during this special time and be available with advice when needed.

At Somersby Animal Hospital we offer breeding soundness examinations - Including physical exam, rectal palpation and ultrasound, vaginal examination for mare health for breeding including swabs for disease and readiness for breeding.

We can assist with ovulation and scan throughout the pregnancy and offer assistance when needed during those difficult pregnancies.

  • Post foal mare management and foal health.

  • Mare and foal insurance exams.

Canine Myofunctional Therapy

Canine Myofunctional therapy is a gentle, soothing therapy developed specifically for dogs to help muscle movement and increase circulation that is totally natural.


Areas it can help:

  • Treat chronic conditions

  • Rehabilitation after surgery or an accident

  • Stress, nervousness and anxiety


Canine Myofunctional therapy is used to treat the whole body of your dog promoting health to the physical and psychological wellbeing of your dog.

With special pressure techniques, stretches your dog will be feeling happier and healthier in no time.

Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

Need to get results fast! We have some of the latest technology that allows us to check the health of your pet during your visit. 

Within minutes, we can perform a full blood test allowing us to assess organ function and blood count to investigate your pet's health.

Laser Therapy

Yet another fantastic option for the health of your pets that is non-invasive, cost effective and able to help promote healing of wounds, decrease recovery times and helps improve joints and muscles and speed recovery and of injuries. 

What it is and how it works? Watch Shadow's story and more here.


  • arthritis

  • pain such as back pain

  • joints

  • wounds

  • ulcers

  • muscle trauma


Bit of a frizz here and a curl there… spoil your friend with a wash that they are sure to enjoy.

We understand you need to feel comfortable about who will be looking after your fury friends.

Your furry friends will be able to relax and enjoy a spacious climate-controlled environment.

Pets can get a trim and basic style - our experienced staff are not a stylist so we have our limitations on some styles so please enquire. 

We can offer temperature perfect hydrobath followed by a gentle blow dry to make sure they are ready for your arrival. They will be looking and smelling amazing after their day at the spa.

We only use the highest quality shampoos and conditioners we cater for all skin types.
We want your pets' experience to be stress-free so all visitors need to be fasted before arrival.
Veterinary treatment at the time of your pet’s visit can also be arranged.

For more information and to book please call the practice you can also use our online booking.

Radiography and Ultrasound

Confident and professional on-site internal diagnostic in one location. Offering digital processing for accuracy with high quality equipment. Get answers and treatment in one place.


Ultrasound is a non-invasive pain free tool used to look at internal soft tissue such as the organs: Heart, liver, kidneys, pregnancies and much more. 

Radiography allows us to examine the internal health by viewing the soft tissue as well as the skeletal structure.

Toys, Treats and More....

We all love our pets and you can happily be in the one place to spoil them at Somersby Animal Hospital. We have a great range of useful items in many colours when it comes to collars, leads and bedding.

You can also spoil them with toys galore from fun squeaky toys to cute biscuits and treats!

Large Animal Hospitalisation and Treatment

Horses, goats, sheep, pigs, cows and all other livestock are welcome at Somersby Animal Hospital. 

Not only do we have vets and nurses that are experienced with these species and their care, but we also have a specialised stable and treatment facility with a reproduction horse crush. We are able to hospitalise all large animals when required for more intensive care. 

General and Specialised Surgery

Our treatment areas and surgical suite have been specially designed to cater for all types of surgical procedures.

We are fortunate to have specialised surgeons using our incredible facilities for their work allowing your pets to be treated locally.

At Somersby Animal Hospital we have strict protocols that make sure your pet is well looked after to the highest level and using top quality materials. 

Monitoring your pet during this time is performed by qualified professionals using the highest quality standards.

Total care is taken from start to finish for your pet's comfort and your peace of mind.

Titre Testing

Your annual check of your pet is so important and vaccinations are designed to protect your pet from deadly diseases. We understand that giving a dose of another vaccination may not be necessary at the time and a concern of yours to do so.

We have in house laboratory testing that checks your pet's immune system to some of these deadly diseases. This determines if your pet has sufficient resistance to postpone the need for a vaccination for another year. 

For more information on this unique service, please contact a team member or to make an appointment you can call or click on our online booking button.

Wildlife Care

We are passionate about our native Australian wildlife. 

We will go above and beyond to take care of our unique fauna. In Australia we are so lucky to have such amazing species and here at Somersby Animal Hospital we want to make sure they are well looked after.

If you find any injured wildlife, we are happy for you to contact us and we can organise treatment and care for them. 

We are fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with some fabulous carers of wildlife that belong to some fantastic charity groups.

For more information and to learn more, go to our special interest’s page that talks in more detail and highlights some of the parks and organisations that we assist click here.


Do you know if the food your pet is eating is totally balanced? Is it nutritionally correct? Are you feeding the right amount?

Food is one of the pleasures in life that can also play an important role in our pet's health. Our team is trained in nutrition to assist with your pet's dietary needs at every stage of your pet’s life. We understand the as they grow their needs change.

A correct diet can complement/alleviate medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis and more.


Dental health is a daily thing for us, right?

We brush/ floss/ rinse our teeth multiple times a day. So, what about our pets? 

Smelly breath is normal?

Dental disease can be fixed and early signs can be reversed. It is amazing how much happier a pet can be with a healthy mouth. A tooth ache is unbearable for us and it is the same for them. The mouth is a gateway to the rest of our body and build up on teeth known as tartar harbours bacteria that can find its way into the bloodstream, affecting organs such as the heart, kidneys and even the brain.

We have lots of dental solutions you can fit into your lifestyle and with the best interest of your pet to minimise dental disease. 

Like us, our pet's will benefit from professionally cleaned teeth. This will help prevent serious dental disease which can have implications on the overall health of your pet.

Our professional cleaning is done with our ultrasonic cleaner and polisher. At Somersby Animal Hospital we use dental radiography to make sure we don't miss any underlying dental problems. Our extra care and continued support will keep a smile on your pet's face!

House calls
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