Your cats' holiday destination

From our Luxury Suite Apartments through to our Comfy Condos.

We are ticking all the boxes you want for your cats

All our guests are in our glass fronted rooms

All guests get pampered with daily grooming and always cuddles are in abundance

Includes premium diet

All our guests have access to our open planned kitty gym with toys and lounges for comfort daily  

We have our enclosed outdoor space for those that like the fresh country air

Natural pheromones and kitty classical music are throughout the boarding suites

Being attached to our veterinary hospital means we monitor all our visitors as carefully as we do our hospital patients which means a vet is available when needed and other veterinary care is accessible during their stay including those that need strict medication monitoring


Cat boarding photo.jpg

Cat Luxury Appartment 

Includes sleeping quarters that are hidden away for comfort.

all climate controlled and perfect home away from home






Split level, double sided and fully vented throughout all are climate control and add that extra interest. 





Cat Suite Appartment

Ceiling height 5 levels ideal for multi cats. Includes own window sill, bridge and scratching post.

Heaps of room to move